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       We have two nanosized slurries. they are Nano ZnO and nano silver. We also have a nano antiseptic which comprised of nano silver and nano ZnO.


奈米抗菌粒子分散液,可提供ZnO,TiO2 (水性,溶劑型皆有).


1.nano ZnO slurry :
(1)  ZnO content:30wt%.

(2)  water base.

(3)  D(90)=100nm.


2.nano ZnO slurry :

(1)  ZnO content:30wt%.

(2)  solvent base.

(3)  D(90)=50nm. 

3.nano silver :

(1)  silver content : 14000ppm

(2)  water base.

(3)  D(90)=20nm.

4.Nano Antiseptic : 奈米抗菌噴劑, 水蠟

        This antiseptic was proved by SGS. It showes that the antiseptic is  very powerful in antibacteria. The report number is RF/2006/40875.


(1)  Functions: anti-bacterial, anti-mold, deodorization.

(2)  Content: nano silver, nano ZnO, attar and water.

(3)  Volume: 100 ml.

(4)  Applications: Chair covers, curtains, clothes, shoe-pads, masks, nap toys,


          We also have water based Wax type which can be applied on leather products.By pray some wax on the leather surface, it not only maintain the leather surface to prevent from crack, but also have the functions of anti-bacteria and anti-mold. 

(5)  Applied method: Spray evenly to the target surface, after dry, the treated

      surface could form an anti-bacterial film.

(6)  notices:

                      1.Shake the bottle before spray.

                      2.Don't add other matters into the bottle.

                      3.Don't use it in the human body.

                      4.Fasten down the bottle cap after using.